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WMNF 2018/02/22


Total and MOL to build LNG bunker vessel

Total Marine Fuels Global Solution and MOL have signed a long-term charter for a LNG bunker newbuilding that is aimed at serving the emerging market of large gas-fuelled container ships in North Europe.

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US trucking shortages likely to worsen

US trucking shortages currently affecting major ports and industrial centres look likely to persist and may worsen after new regulations (the new Electric Logging Device (ELD) mandate) become fully enforced in April, unless rate raises feed through to drivers’ wages. According to the American Trucking Associations, the shortage of qualified truck driver is forecast at an all-time high of 50,000 by the end of 2017.

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Hong Kong boosts productivity with remote-controlled yard operations

Yard productivity at one of Hong Kong’s main container terminals could improve by as much as 40% with the introduction of a pioneering remote-controlled yard crane and automated stacking system. Efficiency gains from the system implemented by Hong Kong International Terminals (HIT) at CT9 North will be felt by liner customers and improve the facility’s capability to handle large cargo surge from bigger ocean going vessels, according to HIT. Today, the port of Hong Kong suffers from a shortage of labour, with local workers shunning frontline jobs seen to be tough, repetitive, highly manual, and involving shift work.

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Cargill says open-loop scrubbers best option for bigger bulkers

Cargill, one of the largest charterers of dry bulk vessels, has found that the open-loop scrubbers system is the best option for the larger vessels that ply long-haul routes as it is the least damaging for the environment.

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Inland terminals offer hope for Vancouver’s congested roads

In the middle of the Pacific Ocean and the Coast Mountains, Vancouver is running out of available land, and the future success of its port and terminals is at risk as growing congestion snarls up its road and railways. The problem is compounded by what some see as an inefficient supply chain that is duplicating truck movements, shifting empty containers unnecessarily and using valuable urban land to store boxes. But 340km east of Vancouver on the western side of the Rocky Mountains, there is plenty of land available. And here sits Ashcroft Terminal, an inland dry port that believes it has the solution to Vancouver’s overcrowding problems. A solution to the problems Vancouver faces is to have container stuffing done at Ashcroft as good head towards Vancouver. They can then be taken by rail ready for export directly to the terminal and empties returned for stuffing at the same time.

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US, Australia, Japan and India could offer joint alternative to Belt and Road

Four nations that share the Pacific and Indian oceans are discussing the formation of a regional infrastructure plan that may counterbalance China’s Belt and Road Initiative. A Washington official says the regional infrastructure plan would complement China’s scheme rather than rival it.

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